Curation Analysis for SSG-Community

Last week I got my HiveSQL access back and with any luck this time it’ll be permanent. That’s because access to HiveSQL is now free due to a Funding Proposal that was supported by the Decentralized Hive Fund. It’s exciting for me as a sometimes-nerdy analyst because it means I can dig through the HIVE blockchain data with powerful queries any time I want and I don’t need to pay 4 HBD a day just to have a peek. I also think it’s really encouraging to see how worthwhile projects can (and hopefully will in future) be supported by the more democratised DHF in the absence of Steemit Inc a centralised development company. That’s probably a separate post to bang on about for now, so let me get to the point.


On September 1st, 2020 I again became responsible for running the technical side of the SilverGoldStackers Community curation project on HIVE – known as @ssg-community and it’s brand of Precious the Silver Mermaid. More recently I have also taken on responsibility for the economical side of the project on HIVE and since the custom code I’ve been managing has been running for almost 3 months I wanted to use my HiveSQL access to have a look and see how our curation rewards might be trending. The account gets funding and delegation support from the community that it supports but it ALSO gets a fair amount of funding from the curation rewards it generates itself from upvoting the quality content that members produce. So I ran a query to see how the curation side of the account has been performing.


The Green line on the chart is the daily curation reward in VESTS while the Blue line is a 7-Day Average and the Yellow Line is a 30-Day Average that I’ve used to show a smoother trend. I ran the query from August 1 to include a bit of data to show what curation looked like before we launched Precious 2.0. You can see we initially took a dip as a few members did pull support and it was a while before the service settled down and people got the hang of how the curation project had changed. By the time October arrived the curation had picked up again and that would have been helped a bit by a gradual increase in leases that were added to the project over that time. We had another big dip in early November when we lost one of our big off-market leases for just over a week but it bounced back pretty well and our curation rewards are again pretty consistently around that 120K VESTS per day mark with our HIVE POWER currently stable at about 230K.

This is pretty encouraging as we have struggled recently with a few controversies this month, such as the loss of some of our Gold Members due to flags along with my friend @welshstacker standing down from his role with the project on HIVE. The project remains under-supported and so I have been upvoting even more comments to reward community engagement on our tag #silvergoldstackers with the extra Voting Power. While I’m sure that members appreciate the engagement support, the comment upvotes do generate less curation so this chart is worth keeping an eye on as we move forward. At the end of the day if the SGS Community can generate more quality content about Precious Metals that adds value to the both community AND the HIVE ecosystem more broadly then the curation rewards will take care of themselves so that remains the projects long term focus.

If you’d like to get involved in supporting this curation project and/or the SGS community we’d love to hear from you!