Memories of Stryi... #SaturdayMemories

There are places that are especially dear to us! Because we experienced the sweet moments of our lives there, and when we return there, we feel young, full of enthusiasm and happiness!


Such for me is the town Stryy, which is located at a distance of 70 km from my hometown of Lviv, Ukraine. Once, 20 years ago, I often went there, developing a business. We went there together with my business partner, with whom I was in love! So many interesting events and acquaintances took place there, on the streets of this small historic intelligent city.



And here again I came here in October 2019, now with my charming daughter @bugavi 😀
With my friend and partner in the creation of the coffee club "Turcoffee for Gourmets". As people say: if you want to have a best friend and partner - give birth to him and raise yourself )))
So, again my roads passed through the town of Stryi. As if I didn't plan, but there was a phone call from the director of the house of culture of this city, who is a friend of my friend :)




And so we boarded the electric train, and three hours later got off at the station and walked through the lime alley, which was in the lush colors of autumn.
On both sides are two-storey historic houses, each of which has its own interesting history!



We were looking for contacts for our coffee business, so we were recommended to go to the exclusive cafe "Coffee from Uncle". Its owner, although not interested in our coffee equipment for making coffee in Turkish, because the specifics of his establishment - coffee in Italian - turned out to be an interesting and polite person and we enjoyed coffee there 😀




And then we walked around the city, enjoying its temples and ancient historic buildings, the silence and leisurely quiet rhythm of life, where you can walk everywhere. And of course, the main place where I visit and with which I have many good memories - the river Stryi, which is located on the outskirts of the city.
After crossing the main road, we plunge into autumn paradise. The weather was very warm, so we threw our backpacks in the leaves and sat down to relax, enjoying time in nature!




And then we came to the bank of the river, which flows rapidly from the Carpathian Mountains. There are many orange slippery stones, which in clear water form beautiful pictures. And it's so nice to walk on the stones, feeling the coolness of the feet. But walking very carefully so as not to slip and fall into the cold water in your clothes!




And at the end of our day, we came to a friend whom I had not seen for many years, and here we are in the yard of his house waiting for a hospitable dinner :)



Maybe you will also write about your interesting past in #saturdaymemories?

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