Proposal to Delegate 100k PHOTO to

This is a proposal asking the community of PHOTO token holders to vote for @hivephoto to receive and delegate 100,000 PHOTO tokens to Payout would be split 20,000 PHOTO each day over a five day period between February 12 through February 17, 2023. At the end of the payout window @hivephoto will stake and delegate the full amount to for an indefinite period.

In exchange for this delegation @hivephoto would also be participating in the LOLZ DeFi program and earn passive rewards that can be saved and potentially used in the future for tribe funding. curates Hive Images content and upvotes posts. At the time of this posting has 73,500.48 PHOTO in delegation from 30 users. The delegation of 100k PHOTO from @hivephoto would more than double the PHOTO being delegated thus increasing's curation upvote value for posts.

To vote to approve this proposal please visit:

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