Update on our eldest & some Wednesday Walk outtakes

Update on our eldest and some Wednesday Walk outtakes blog thumbnail.png


After I mentioned in my post yesterday that our eldest was having a surgical procedure, I figured instead of doing today's daily prompt for Hive Blog Posting Month, I'd do a quick update on how it went & how she's doing. But first, speaking of the prompt, for the record it is...

Share 5 feline photos for Caturday


As for my baby girl (again, all three of my children might be in their twenties but they're still my babies), the quick update is - she's doing really well! Thanks to everyone for the good wishes - they definitely worked.


1. Wednesday Walk outtakes.jpg1. Blue skies


The longer update as @cailliyork has mentioned on her other social media (and she's planning to start posting here again soon, to share her journey) she's been struggling with suspected endometriosis for many years now. Her doctor finally got to the point that she recommended Cailli for arthroscopic surgery, to check out her abdomen and remove any suspected incidents of endo. That was in early 2020.


2. Wednesday Walk outtakes.jpg2. Blooms and blue skies


Needless to say, all of the pre-surgical stuff got bumped out, and she's been exploring other ways of managing her symptoms. But recently, she'd been able to start the process again, and in a stroke of good luck, instead of having to wait until possibly May or June, a spot opened for her to have to procedure on April 22nd, albeit with just over a couple weeks notice.

3. Wednesday Walk outtakes.jpg3. Bee, blooms, blue skies


There were some hiccups along the way (like how she developed a bit of a cold & got flagged for Covid, which almost got everything postponed), but before we knew it, hubby was driving us to the local hospital, where an amazing staff got her settled in and ready to go.


4. Wednesday Walk outtakes.jpg4. Blooms, blooms, and blooms.


Since there are still Covid restrictions in place (obviously), I was the only one allowed to go in, and I had to leave once they brought her to the surgical suite. But it was a gorgeous day, with the same blue skies as Wednesday (which is why I thought sharing outtakes worked for this post), so it was actually nice to hang in our car and wait in the parking lot.


5. Wednesday Walk outtakes.jpg5. Moody blooms

The surgery went even better than we could have hoped - while they did find a few spots of suspected endo (need to be biopsied first to be sure), it wasn't nearly as pervasive as we feared, and she recovered from the anesthesia and such sooner than they expected.

While overall it was a long day (and it might be a week or so before she's back on her feet), it ended with her resting comfortably on the couch, and a hope that maybe the worst of her symptoms will fade away as she heals. While I've learned that endo is extremely difficult to treat (even surgery isn't a guarantee as a high percent of women end up needing multiple surgeries), we're feeling much more positive about things now.


Hope everyone is having a great weekend!



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