Powering Up Hive & My Hive Blog Posting Month Goals

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Rabbit rabbit!

Given today is Hive Power Up Day, and the start of Hive Blog Posting Month, I figured it would be good to start off with a bit of good luck. 🐇🐇😄

And while I'm usually the worst at keeping to the daily suggestions from my blog prompt calendar , since today's is...

Share a #HivePUD (Power Up Day) post or write about your HiveBloPoMo goals

... I thought it would be an awesome way to get things rolling. Especially since I usually don't end up sharing about my monthly power ups, as my "Welcome" post puts me on the list (not qualified for prizes though, obviously) of having powered up and posted, and I like the idea (again obviously...lol) of stating goals at the beginning of the month.


Hive Power Up Day

In months past, I'd gotten into the habit of trading my HBD for Hive almost as fast as it hit my wallet, so I was able to make a fair number of decently sized power ups (I think my biggest was 1,111.111). Lately, I've gotten greedy for that 12% interest on HBD put into savings, so instead I've been sending the vast majority of HBD to my wallet account which has meant my power ups have been much smaller - 11.111 most times, with an occasional 111.111 (yes, I have a penchant for Angel Numbers...lol).

But I'm happy to say my account is still growing at a steady pace, and I may one day (in the next decade or so, if I don't get back to posting regularly again!) swim into the deeper part of the ocean as a whale.

Account growth from Dec 31 2021 to April 1 2022.png
From my PeakD analytics - yeah, not fond of how the past month looks


So to make it official...

Screenshot 2022-04-01 at 18-06-45 traciyork Hive.png


I also did my very first ever Hive powerdown towards the end of 2021, as I found myself short on liquid Hive (shakes fist again at the temptation of HBD APR) and needed some for Power Up Day prizes, as well as some HE bags I wanted to stack. But I still haven't cashed out a penny of Hive, and only ever traded some SBD for fiat on our legacy chain soon after joining (so I could see if this magic internet money was for realz). While money has been tight in the York household for some time now, I'm hodling as much, and for as long as I can, because I just know someday in the not too distant future, I'll be able to say...


I've also done my usual powering up to another account thing for the @hivebuzz Helper badge, but I'm still reaaaaally bad at letting people know that I've done it on their behalf. I keep thinking that leaving a comment on their profile saying, "Hey, I did this nice thing for you" seems a bit... ugh, I don't know - impolite, I guess? But I've also realized it tends to confuse people, as the majority of those I power up to are relatively new to the platform.

So for this month, I'll just simply shout out to say - Hey @crptogeek and @yeti72 - letting you know I've powered up a bit to each of your accounts, in the hopes it helps you get off to a great start on the blockchain. Happy Hiving!


Hive Blog Posting Month

Other than the obvious one of putting out a post every day for the next 30 days, my goals are fairly simple.

  • post each day before 8pm EST (which is when the UTC day ends in my time zone) so I qualify for the Hive Buzz Monthly Author badge.

  • don't overthink each post, just do it!

The overthink things comes from my tendency to spend days hour perseverating on each publication, reworking & rewording until it still sounds about the same I've kinda sucked the joy out of the process for myself. I need to spend less time over writing the post, and more time chatting with the people who comment on the post or visiting other people's posts and chatting with them there. That's always been the biggest draw of this platform for me, and while I chat tons on Twitter and Discord about Hive, I want to take this month and remember to chat on Hive as well.
And with that, I wish a...

Happy HivePUD & HiveBloPoMo to everyone!


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