Hive Blog Posting Month (aka #HiveBloPoMo) starts November 1st 2021!

HiveBloPoMo November 2021 blog thumbnail.jpg

I've written about this 30 Day blockchain blogging challenge (inspired by National Blog Posting Month aka NaBloPoMo challenge) a number of times over the past few years, so this time around I'm going to keep this announcement post short and sweet. Well, short for me...😂

Firstly, here are links to my other Blog Posting Month posts -

What exactly is Hive Blog Posting Month?

The short and sweet description that I have in the header graphics for the HiveBloPoMo Hive account, as well as the Twitter account is -

  • Post daily on the Hive Blockchain for the month of November 2021
  • Win the amazeballs feeling of having 30 new posts earning crypto on the Hive blockchain!

Is there a community for HiveBloPoMo?

I'm so glad you asked, because YES! As of today, there is a brand spanking new community devoted to this twice a year initiative.

The HiveBloPoMo Community

What else is going on for November?

Two other 30 day initiatives spring to mind -

Also, it would be a perfect time to try for the @hivebuzz Monthly Author Badge. Here is a bit about it from the HiveBuzz website -

Keep in mind that a month begins the first of the month and ends the last day of the month (like on calendars), and that HiveBuzz uses UTC time to validate when you published your post! It is not a date to date month. If you miss one post on one day, you will miss this monthly award and you will have to wait for the next month to try to obtain this badge again.

What should I post about?

I've been meaning to do this for ages, and I've finally put it together! Here's a calendar page with prompts (some Hive specific) for each day. Please remember these are just suggestions and don't feel obligated to use them -

HiveBloPoMo Calendar(1).jpg

There were also some great suggestions from the HiveTwitter peeps during the recent HiveBloPoMo #HiveChat. Here's a link to the tweet, if you want to take a peek at the replies -


What do I win if I do all 30 posts?

As I said in the short description, you win the amazeballs feeling of completing the challenge and having 30 new posts on the blockchain! But as I've done for every other BloPoMo, I plan to do a little something to help keep everyone motivated and/or thank them for their participation.

I'm not sure I can swing any sort of badges at this point, but now that there's a community, I plan to investigate that next. And since I'm a curator for @ocd, I will be keeping an eye on posts in the HiveBloPoMo community and might be able to recommend a few for curation through OCD's Niche Community Initiative.


That's it!

Good luck to everyone giving this (or any of the other 30 day challenges) a go! Please feel free to shout out if you have any questions and happy blog posting!


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