Thursday walks hunting for the sunset 📸 #1

Happy Thursday everyone !!
As usual, on this Thursday I want to hunt sunset around the beach, starting with ordering a cup of coffee with my friends and enjoying it together.

''Interestingly when we share all feelings with the universe along with our friends, we are much calmer and grateful for the pleasures that God has given us.


now ......!!
After enjoying a cup of coffee and enjoying the presence of twilight, then at that time I took some photos of twilight today, exactly on the way Thursday.
The twilight on this day is so beautiful and amazing that it makes me hypnotized by it with its pink or orange that is so beautiful and also with the beautiful sea along with the roar of the waves which makes the atmosphere more interesting,

At that moment there were only a few things that crossed my mind ''God's work is so beautiful'' and I'm also grateful that I can still enjoy it until now, there is nothing better than being grateful for me.
This is the result of my hunting on the road on Thursday, I hope my friends like it.
Well, buddy!! thank you for being a true reader and for being my true supporter, I am proud of you, we are here to support each other, provide solutions and work together. I'm @zlfnmrza

Stay strong to face the twists and turns of this life, more importantly keep the spirit and take care of your health.
See you later. until tomorrow !!

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