Capturing the Beauty of Sunsets


Once, my aunt and cousin visited us, and I was asked to help them carry their things as they prepared to go back home. I accompanied them to the road and helped them find a vehicle. It was a lovely and peaceful afternoon as I headed home.


I looked at the sky and was amazed by the beautiful and wonderful sunset. I'm so glad that I was able to see and witness this alluring sunset. I was really attracted to the colors of the sky, so I decided to take some pictures. I looked for the perfect spot or angle to capture it beautifully.


As I walked, I felt like there was something I had forgotten. A few minutes later, I remembered that my mother had asked me to buy chicken feed from the store. I hadn't expected to forget so quickly. I rushed back to the store, but then I realized I had also forgotten how much I was supposed to buy. I guessed it might be either 1 kilo or half a kilo. Unsure of what to choose, I took a bit longer to decide because I was afraid my mother might get mad at me. The chickens had already missed their dinner.


After a long time deliberating, I decided to buy 1 kilo. If my guess was wrong, I would tell my mother that it was better to buy more so it would last a few days longer.After buying the chicken feed, I started heading home as it was getting dark. I planned to ride a vehicle, but since the store wasn't too far from our house, I decided to walk. I needed to be quick to avoid getting caught in the dark.


As I walked along the street, one of my aunts saw me and asked me to drop by her house. She gave me some food to bring home and distribute to our neighbors. I walked home carrying everything. As the sun disappeared and daylight faded, I walked as fast as I could. Luckily, my mother picked me up on the street and helped me carry everything.When we got home, I unpacked the food and distributed it to our neighbors, saving some for our dinner.


After we ate, my mother told me to go to the back of the house to get some flowers for boiling water. When I got there, I saw a wonderful view: the vivid orange sky along with the coconut trees. It was such a beautiful sight.

I rushed to get my phone and capture this amazing view. Since that day, I have been attracted and obsessed with sunsets. It seems like I have become an "Opacarophile," a person who loves sunsets. Every time I see a beautiful sunset, I take a picture of it and save it on my phone for my collection.

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