Strong Wind During Prayer

Hi this is a photo right behind where I was selling a few days ago the scenery in the sky is very beautiful and rare so I immediately took a photo to upload it on this platform and share it with you all, maybe everyone has the same view of this scene.

This result is very clear and natural and I also didn't edit anything to make it look more real, but now thank God I've made a 5×4 meter roof for shelter because lately it's been raining a lot.

And today it was very scary because a strong wind suddenly came like a tornado or a torpedo, even my table flew into the reservoir water even though the distance was quite far about 15 or 20 meters, luckily not too far from the edge of the soil in the reservoir so I can take it by foot.

Previously I didn't believe it when I was told the table flew into the reservoir because I was praying maghrib when the wind was strong, and when I finished praying, it said the table flew into the reservoir. are the trees that are right in front of our shop.

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