Cambodian Island sunset

Hi to all the sunset lovers. Today I share with you a picture of an island sunset from the place of island Koh Rong Sanloem Cambodia. Look out to the ocean the sun goes down on the sunset side of the island.
I like to stand a watch the sun set for a bit of time as the day comes to an end.

The ships across the flat line of the horizon as they move along as fast as the sun.

The light is splayed out for the small angle of sun shines through the water and reflects off the water.

With this camera setting it looks like it is a sunrise. Blown out a bit and washed out of definition the light envelopes the frame and make the night turn to day.

I will stand and watch and wait for the sun, for the few more moments and this will be another day closed as the light goes away.

It does not take long till the lights are out and nothing can bee seen except for the lights off in the distance.
It has been a long day scuba diving and learning going down deep and learning how to manage this skill. I have more to share tomorrow so stick around and Fallow along if you dare.

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