OneLoveIPFS uploader v1.0.1: A post-mainnet update

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This is a minor update to the OneLoveIPFS uploader, mostly frontend fixes and improvements.

Preparing for Hive HF24 "eclipse"

As we are getting closer to 6th October 2020 14:00 UTC, it is important that the uploader be compatible with the new version to ensure a smooth transition to HF24.

We are pleased to announce that work has been completed to prepare OneLoveIPFS for the upcoming hardfork, so if the hardfork gets executed as planned, the uploader should be ready for the new chain ID and the rebranded APIs.

If you are using Hive Keychain extension (recommended), it is important that you update them for HF24 support.

Displaying connected API node

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The Avalon mainnet was launched a few days ago with success, with new blocks being produced every 3 seconds without any hiccups. However, API nodes were having issues, which have caused videos to be not posted properly onto the blockchains. This happened with the uploader as the API settings were left out in the previous updates.

Therefore, a line underneath the logged-in user accounts will now inform the user which Avalon API node they are connected to, which will be our own API node. The next few code updates will allow the user to select one themselves in user settings as new public API nodes are being setup by Avalon leaders.

Issues with broadcasts?

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In certain occasions where there are issues with videos not being broadcasted onto the blockchain correctly, there is now a secure page to authorize your commenting (or posting) authority to OneLoveIPFS, which will allow us to manually correct those errored videos which cannot be corrected by the user from any interfaces. This page may be accessible through the "Get Help" option in the menu, located at the top-right corner.

Clicking "Authorize Avalon" would allow us to COMMENT on your behalf, which includes publishing new videos (or editing them). You will see a new custom key in your DTube channel (under Keys tab) as shown below:

Screenshot 20201003 at 8.29.36 PM.png

Authorizing Hive or Steem will add account into the list of posting authorities in your account, which can be viewed in a block explorer.


  • Support for Alive, a decentralized multi-chain live streaming protocol
  • User settings for customizing upload threads, API nodes etc
  • DTC payments in Shawp
  • Schedule videos

If you have any enquiries regarding our uploader, feel free to contact us on our Discord server.

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