How would steem power be redistributed without the soft fork 0.22.2 frozen accounts?

The main effect of the softfork 0.22.2 is to temporarily and reversibly freeze the stake of the following accounts:

  • misterdelegation
  • steem
  • steemit
  • steemit2
  • steemitadmin

effectively preventing them to use the stake they hold for witness votes, but also for votes on posts or comments (and a few other transfer operations), as this has been promised to the community several times before the soft fork.

My friend @taskmaster4450 asked me the following question on one of my stats post:

It would be interesting to see the MVest chart with the Steemit Inc stake removed since it is, presently, frozen.

And indeed, that's a very good question!

Here is the graph before removing those accounts (taken from my last Steem statistics):

And now the graph if we removed the Steem Power hold by the frozen accounts:

As you can see, there is a major shift of power toward the lower level users of the community.

This makes even more interesting the outcome of the discussions that will take place between the witness and Justin Sun/Steemit inc on the future of the stake that has been ninja-mined and on the use that will be made of it.

Perhaps we could finally see a true decentralization of our governance happens.

So many interesting times to come!

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