My Weekly Progress Report - 09.06.2021


Hello there. Periodically I create reports showing the financial and numerical values ​​and status of my account. This post will be about that.

I was supposed to post this post last night. However, I couldn't do that. There hasn't been any change in my account since last night. That's why I decided to do it now.

With this account, I also curate the Proofofbrain community. I have very few POB Power(36.50) yet. I aim to increase this. That number was 26 last week.

In my post last week, I said that I was hesitant about investing in VIBES. I have given up staking and curating VIBES for now due to the low voting power of the main account.

My Fixed HP increased by 27 in one week. In this process, my reputation score was 61. My POB Power increased by 10.50. I rented 2,500 more HPs.

Current Account Status: 09.06.2021:

Account info:

  • User name: @ahmetay
  • Date of Submission: October 2017
  • Start at Hive Blog: 05.03.2021

Numerical Information:

  • Effective Power: 7,705.86 HP (190.64 + 7,515.22)
  • Vote Value: $0.20
  • RC: 14,506,027,937,009 RC
  • Reputation: 61.151
  • Followers: 1,233 follower | 43 following
  • Posts: 755

Financial Information:

  • Hive Tokens (HIVE): 6.263 HIVE

  • Hive Power (HP): 190.641 HP

  • Estimated Account Value: 71.15 USD

  • Current POB Power: 36.50

Report Post Rewards: 100% Power Up

The source used for information: HiveStats

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