postsN#62-Iniciativa🌟 N#6πŸŽ„De@lililuki🌟3 cosas que te gustan de la navidad/3 things you like about Christmas .


Iniciativa πŸŽ„aceptada por mi hermosa amiga @lililuki🌟Initiative accepted by my beautiful friend @lililuki


3 cosas que te gustan de la navidad/3 things you like about Christmas .🌟

3- Aunque deje ya hace mas de tres aΓ±os sin celebrar: La navidad pues unas de las cosas que me gusta O me gustaba de ella es salir a caminar ,ya que mayor mente soy una joven que no sale de su hogar ,casi nunca ..
3- Even if I left for more than three years without celebrating: Christmas because one of the things that I like or I liked about it is going for a walk, since I am a young woman who does not leave home, almost never. .

3-Β‘Salir a caminar! πŸŽ„πŸŒŸ Go for a walk!


2-Recuerdo que cuando era pequeΓ±a y aun vivΓ­a con mi padre siempre a asido un hombre trabajador y nunca le falto a mi hermana y a mi; Nuestros regalos eran 4 para cada una hasta que 3 ,2, 1 hasta los 13 para mi jeje ya que mi hermana es menor pero para no sentir me por fuera me daba a mi:Siempre por igual . y las estrellitas que me compraba.
2-I remember that when I was little and I still lived with my father, a hardworking man had always taken hold and my sister and me never lacked; Our gifts were 4 for each one until 3, 2, 1 until 13 for my hehe since my sister is younger but to not feel me on the outside I gave myself: Always the same. and the stars that he bought me.

2- Β‘El cariΓ±o de papΓ ! πŸŽ„πŸŒŸ !Daddy's love!


1- Cada 26 de diciembre visitamos a mis tΓ­os , tΓ­as , abuela y primos maternos : Era muy divertido ya que nos sacaban a los parque y plazas hasta ibas de compras a elegir nuestras prendas ...ya estamos grande y ya no nos vemos ...
1- Every December 26 we visit my uncles, aunts, grandmother and maternal cousins: It was very fun since they took us out to the parks and squares until you went shopping to choose our clothes ... we are already old and we no longer see each other. ..

1-Β‘El reencuentro familiar! πŸŒŸπŸŽ„ !The family reunion!


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