Things I dislike on Hive

There are some Community curation accounts where most or all of the author rewards go to the curators/community mods instead of raising the voting power of the account so it benefits the people voted for, or at least setting a few of the promoted authors as beneficiaries.

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What I DISLIKE in Ecency/Hive

Self-voting is frowned upon, and this is a nasty way to get around it:

Then they do the same again tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow, while claiming that the @bestblahblahoftheweek account is a service for their community and encouraging others to upvote its posts and delegate their HP to it. It stinks! I'm not saying that curators should work for free, but 100% is a bit much, especially with the back and forth upvoting of their own posts.

It's even more annoying when a majority of the posts promoted by the curation team are well past the payout date. Of course it's nice for the authors to get a mention, but how about promoting posts that people can upvote?

Since I noticed this practice I always hover over the upvote button to see who gets the reward before clicking it, and if it seems to be a continuous thing I unfollow and unfavourite them. All the accounts involved. Some of them do publish very nice and interesting posts in their own name, but I don't think they need or deserve my upvotes there either.

Disclaimer: None of the accounts @bestblahblahoftheweek @cheat-a @cheat-b @cheat-c or @cheat-d exists at the time of my writing. If someone creates them later, don't get angry with me for having used them in my example!

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