Sobolo-Ghana’s Favorite Traditional Drink 🥤

Just Like how coffee is celebrated in other countries in the world, Sobolo is the G.O.A.T of all traditional drinks in Ghana.

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Roselle juice, known as bissap, wonjo, foléré, dabileni, tsobo, zobo, or sobolo in parts of Africa, sorrel in the Caribbean, and agua de Jamaica in Mexico, is a drink made out of the flowers of the Roselle plant, a variety of Hibiscus. Although generally the "juice" is sweetened and chilled, it is technically an infusion and when served hot can also be referred to as hibiscus teasource

You don’t professional help or skills to prepare a banging Sobolo. Just pour your dried roselle flowers or leaves into a boiling water and add some ginger to improve the flavor. Wait till the water turns red before you strain the water and add your sweetener. And just like that, your Sobolo is ready to be sipped.

Depending on the time of the day, Sobolo may be served hot or chilled. During the warm mornings and afternoons, a chilled Sobolo is all you need to keep your day going. And the harmattan comes and the cold nights come with it, a hot Sobolo in a small disposable cup is very necessary to keep a gathering alive and warm. Either way, wether warm or cold, the striking flavor of Sobolo is enough to make the penis of Lord Varys of Game of thrones stand.

Sobolo is served in all forms of gatherings in Ghana. Be a party, funeral, wedding, sports or any form of ceremony, Sobolo is what keeps the people together and most importantly, their mouth’s busy. Sobolo is the life of every party in Ghana.

At any time of the day, sobolo can be found in every corner of every street in Ghana. You can get a bottle of Sobolo for only two Ghana cedis (0.2$) or a bigger bottle for five Ghana cedis (0.5$).

When a day in Ghana is tough and the streets are rough, a few sips of Sobolo might just be what you need to get your vim back and conquer your day.

Charlie, Sobolo dey bee waaaa!!!

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