Traditional drink in my country

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This week i selected the topic "traditional drink in my country
Lassi is traditional drink in my country. Infact, it's very popular in neighboring country too.There is no particular english name for lassi but we can say it water milk
Lassi is actually mixer of yogurt, water and salt or sugar. It depends upon your choice wether you want to add sugar in it or salt. When i was child i used to drink sweet lassi in which sugar was added. With the passage of time, i realized that sugar is not healthy for body of human and it causes so many complications for human health. So i quit sugar in lassi. I preffered to go with salty lassi.
In Punjab(province of my country) lassi is widely loved by everyone. It is traditional drink and it comes under desi drink.
My favourite drink?

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Sugarcane drink is my favourite drink.It's also the national drink in my country. It is gift for summer season. Sugarcane grows widely in our region and there are so many uses of sugarcane in daily life. It is used to make sugar which we use in dairy products. You might be getting confusion that in previous paragraph i said "I don't like sugar" but now i am saying that sugarcane juice is my favourite. Actually, sugar made up with chemicals and sugarcane that can be harmful. But, sugarcane is natural and it is natural sugar resource so it's good for stomach health.
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