My inspiration on ecency?

Welcome to my new blog on ecency.
I hope everyone is doing great and enjoying the little happenings of life.
So today i will tell something about my inspiration on ecency.

My inspiration on ecency

Contests on ecency really a boosting thing on ecency and honestly speaking, there is a person @mypathtofire . He is always supportive to my blogs and i love to participate in his contest because he is really an appreciator. Actually, i have made an image in my mind for him that is very generous. As from the beginning of my journey on ecency he is constantly supporting me.
I am a student and most of the time i forget to engage but whenever i engaged with him he is super nice.May God, bless him.
At the end of the day, everyone on hive/ecency is here for appreciation and that appreciation comes with hive power.
Hive power is the basic goal of every user so we can say that it's main thing which keep pushing us to write on ecency. I hope i could also and every user can improve his hive power.

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