A Superpower I would like to have?

New week has been started and we all are participating in contest. Last week, i participated in the contest from @ecency-star and again this week i am participating in the contest. Theme for this week is superpower. In which we have to talk about any superpower which we want to have in our life.

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Maybe it's clear from picture that I want to fly. Birds are really close to my heart I really want that I could fly like birds. We mostly talk about eagle when it comes to flying with wings because we think that eagle has eye from the sky.
There could be many reason behind this superpower. I still remember those days when I was a student of school and I have to suffer a lot due to transportation from my village to school. I was fed up with daily routine. Back in that time I used to wish that what if I could have wings and I could fly to my school without even sitting in transport bus.
If I could have this superpower I really want to fly to other countries and obviously there would be no restriction of visa and other things. But I guess people can see me from earth and then obviously i will wish what if i will also be invisible. When it comes to superpower i have so many thoughts emerging in my mind but some thoughts are crouching behind the brain memory. I really want to have amalgamation of invisibility and flying. This mixture of superpower will be insane.But, we can achieve this, if we follow our real life dreams because they make us fly in the society. Our true position in the society gives us wings to fly.
Most of time when we struck in traffic we usually think about flying and in my view, everyone would be fond of flying.
I have so many unattainable and unrealistic dreams in my mind. We can call this fantasy world in my mind.
Thanks for giving time to read my post.

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