A Country I want to Live in: Why Canada?


I know I have written about how I lost my girlfriend, who thought I was going to travel but later got to know I was denied visa read here. The country I planned to visit then was Canada. I applied to the University of Lethbridge for a second degree and got admission after writing some exams, tests, etc. The process was rigorous. I wasn’t patient enough to reapply when my visa was rejected. I just closed the chapter! To date, I will love to live in that country but never willing to go through that rigorous route (there’s always a better way).

I have a few friends and family in Alberta, and from what I’ve learned, the land is cool. Once you can ‘work’, you’ll make your money. One of my friends actually relocated last year. He complained about the winter and how they had to deal with snow. But after conversing for a while, we resolved that the place is definitely better than Nigeria. As much as I would like to do my best in my country, Nigeria, I really would love to relocate to Canada because, based on my personal experience, I don’t think this country appreciates indigenous talents until they’ve gone global.


I have been privileged to work with Nigerian-based companies on a permanent and part-time basis, but the challenge is that if you are not "connected" (know someone that knows someone), it’s hard to find your way around with just your "talent". I worked with a popular actress’s younger brother at one big company, and I can’t forget the crazy experience I had. Just because I wasn’t connected, I had to leave!

When I started writing as a freelancer, the very first few gigs that got me some money to set up a work space and all, came from outside Nigeria! A few other gigs came from my people (Nigerians), but this was after they realized I had worked with the "big guys" (so wrong!). Aside from my personal experience with prejudice, the Nigerian educational system needs a revamp, among other sectors of society.

Living in Canada is definitely on my bucket list, and I hope to tick it off soonest. Alberta, here I come! (I’ve not even applied, lol!).

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