Zomkom || The Traditional Drink in My Country

Hello Everyone,
It is yet another wonder contest from ecency, this time we are talking about Traditional drinks produced in our various countries. Seat tight while I take you through one of my favorite drinks made in the Northern part of Ghana.


Ghana is blessed with a lot of local drinks prepared by a lot of local women. We have the likes of palm wine, Pito, and Sobolo.
I am here to talk to you about one of my favorite non-alcoholic drinks made in the northern part of the country called Zomkom. Zomkom is a local name for the drink meaning (Flour water).


Ingredients Used are:

  • Millet flour

  • Pepper

  • Ginger

  • Sugar

  • Water.


The Millet flour, Grinded Ginger, sugar, and water are mixed and boiled together for some time. After that, it is then filled in an empty bottle and stored in the fridge.
Benefits of the ZomKom Drink:

The Zomkom drink hydrates the colons, it is also gluten-free and gives a good cholesterol level.
It is a good source of protein.
Zomkom is one of the healthiest and most natural drinks made in most parts of Northern Ghana. Give it a try whenever you find yourself in the northern part of the country.

Thank You

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