Canada || A country I want to live in

It is another weekly engagement from the ecency support community.

This week’s engagement is about the country I want to live in.


I’m Growing up I always dreamt of studying or getting in abroad, being able to experience life there.

Canada located in North America is the one particular country I would love to live and work in. It has been one of my favorite countries. There are a lot of opportunities in living in Canada although, during the time of winter, people from Africa who migrated there always find it difficult to cope with the winter weather aside from that, there are a lot of jobs opportunities that one could find there, a job that pays well for you to be able to take care of yourself and love ones at home.

I am currently in my final year of the university and I’ve been applying for online scholarships in Canada with the hope of continuing my master's program there and also working there.

It is not just about going there to further education and work but also being able to learn other people's culture interact with them, and also be able to teach them how things are done in Africa specifically Ghana.

The goal is about studying for my masters in Canada, getting a job there, learn their history and culture, and also teach them the Ghanaian culture.

I stop here by saying thank you to the community team for giving us such an interesting topic.

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