A superpower I would like to have


A superpower?

Well, there are a lot, speed, lightning, time and space manipulation, and a whole lot, but which one would I like to have?

I honestly would love to be a bit more than just the fastest man alive, the one with the strongest body, travel into the future, cure people with a wave of my hand or make lightning move with my thoughts.

I would love to be someone who can move near instantly, move items with my thoughts, and make items manifest with a wave of my hand, what I mean is that I would be an encompassing human being.

I wish to be the superhero who knows magic, that way, I could battle any sort of magic attack, battle with demons, and all that, in this modern day, people would look upon me to battle Pandora.

In the modern-day Infinity War, they’d look upon me to keep Thanos at bay, work with Dr. Strange think of the best outcomes. I could look at a sick person and with a thought, they’d be cured.

I would be able to move to the past and make things right. Move to the future and gain more insights.

What I see if the superhero I would be is to be a person who is limited by a lot of things. I would like to be the stope person for all solutions.

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