A country I want to live in

When I tell people I would love to travel out of the country, the first thing that comes to mind is absconding. Traveling out of your home country doesn't mean you want to run away; some people travel out to explore and gather new experiences. It is a means of seeing what other cultures are like and what other countries possess.

I was glad when I saw this prompt because I have been waiting for an opportunity to write about the country I would love to live in except for my home country. Growing up, just like any other child, my dream country was America. Whenever I saw a plane pass by, I always looked up and said, "That plane will take me to America." When I came of age, I had another point of view about the country I wanted to live in.

During my search for a country with a good educational plan for international students, I came across Canada as one of the best countries for such students. This made me fall in love with the country. Canada is a country that supports international students and helps make learning and working easier for them. It has a serene environment for studying and also has a low crime rate.

Canada offers easy study permits, a high standard of living, affordable living costs and tuition fees, no age barrier, diversity, international recognition, good and quality education, a safe and peaceful environment, and great work opportunities. We all dream of a better life for ourselves and our generations to come, and that is why no one will jeopardize any opportunities to live in a more comfortable country. Looking at all these points, living is made easy, which is why I decided to pick Canada as the country I would want to live in.

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