Leaving Bad Habits To Live With Good Habits

Every day is a rallying cry between myself and my mind to build confidence and self-discipline toward bringing a beautiful hope to improve myself.

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Just as much as I would want to keep away from unnecessary things in my life, I wish to leave bad habits to live with good habits. And that keeping away from bad habits and removing worst habits is moving out of my comfort zone, like decluttering.

I firmly believe that it takes wholesome discipline to declutter bad habits.

Perhaps when I declutter my habits and make them a routine every day, little by little, I feel like I am building self-discipline, and sooner or later, I am also achieving my goals that would create the life I ever wanted.

I often declutter my habits when bad habits distract me from doing necessary and significant matters.

When I cannot relieve my anxieties in life, and when I cannot eliminate negative thinking about a particular happening, I pause for a while and reflect so I can find ways to stop it.

Other reasons for me to declutter are times when procrastination attacks my smooth pavement, when my worst habit changes me into someone I do not want to become, and when I cannot achieve a target that is beyond my control.

Sometimes I am genuinely learning from my habits, just like my mistakes, as I am practicing them every second. Yet, the only difference between the two is that pattern is tough to give up in my life, while mistakes would always give me the best lesson in life.

The moment I have figured out a bad habit, it does not affect me to a greater extent, unlike committing mistakes which had given me the most fantastic way to change for the better, not unless my habitual way of doing something is both a reflection and realization of myself.

Every so often, I am aware of my habits, which are both bad and worst, but it is tough to move out of my comfort zone.

Perhaps rules will be nothing if I do not have the proper doses of self-discipline.

There are times that I am afraid to move out of my comfort zone, but I believe that when I remove my bad habits, I am also building my network of rules, and these rules would be nothing if I did not have the correct dose of self-discipline.

It leads me to meditation and looks at the brighter side of life.

I am diving through the depths to see a reflection of my good and bad habits and reflecting on how much I have done better in my life.

If I see a terrible habit changing me into someone else I do not want to become, then I never hesitate to let go of that habit and look for ways how I can improve and enhance myself.

And now, I am learning the art of decluttering my bad habits and making them a pattern so I can achieve more and live the most satisfying life I ever wanted.

Disclaimer: All texts and pictures are my own unless otherwise stated.

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