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✏️How I came to Ecency/Hive

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I found the new App that @good-karma was creating in 2017.

It was at a time in my life when I needed a distraction to fill some holes in my day. I had been active on the TSU platform that had gone black and vanished without a trace. And my longtime partner had died of cancer early in the year.

I knew @uwelang from TSU and when I saw on FB that he was using Steemit I didn't hesitate to join him. Many others followed. I joined in May and before I ever created my first post I spent the month reading all the posts and discovered the new Esteem App that was being developed. It was a perfect fit for me. Typing on a keyboard is difficult for me, and I had recently gotten a new smartphone and found that swyping allowed me to be active online and Ecency filed a need for me then, as it continues to do now.

I started the Shadow Contest 6 months later as a way to give back, and gave away much of my earnings each week in SBI prizes. Ecency became a sponsor of the contest right from the start.

I became one of the first curators for Ecency and have learned so much as I watched the curation project grow and expand to include a whole team of hardworking Ecencians.

I've told the story before of one of my first questions when I could not get the app to work for me and @good-karma said, 'just change nodes' I didn't have a clue what he was talking about and asked 'What's a node?' It only took a few hours and the feature to Change Servers appeared in settings.

I've never stopped believing that he can create magic and over the years I have watched it happen over and over! It has been a joy to watch Ecency become what it is today!

Write your story about how you found Ecency/Hive and tell us how it fits into your life.RULES

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