I love Scotland.

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This is a in response to a contest about "a country I want to live in" by @ecency-star.

I am a potential tourist. I love visiting new places and learning about new cultures. Among the numerous places on my mind, Scotland ranked the top and it's not just about paying a visit but living in the country.

What attracted me to Scotland is Aberdeen, a city with many energy companies. Being a Chemical Engineer, I love to find myself where more experience can be gathered about the sector.

Few years ago, I read about the country and I fell in love with it. My love for the country made me apply for a Master degree in the University of Aberdeen. I am currently an offer holder waiting for sponsorship. I hope to get a sponsor and start my degree in September.

I have been to some waterfalls in Nigeria and my love for such sites is huge. I wish to visit the popular Rogie falls, Applecross Peninsula, Loche Ewe, Ardvreck Castle and Smoo Cave.

Edinburgh Castle is definitely one of the top priority places to visit. I have heard a lot of this eye catching historic site in Western Europe.

Part of the cultural identity of Scotland that I love to explore is food. I have heard a lot and watched videos of popular Scottish cuisine such as haggis, neeps and tatties. I also read about fish and chips from potatoes. The greatest of them all that I don't get tired of eating is seafood. I love hot salmon. I can't wait to visit coastal destinations and fishing villages.

Finally, Scotland being a native English speaker, I would be more relaxed and feel at home. I love cold countries. I spent many years in the coldest part of Nigeria, Jos. Though not as cold as Scotland, whom I learned do experience temperatures of as low as 32°F in the winter and maximum of 63°F in the summer. I love protecting myself against cold rather than doing the same against heat. This is another point of attraction to me. I hope to fly in soon.

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