✏️ My hobby - The way I spend my leisure time! Things That I like to do?

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Everyone has a hobby and I have too. But my hobbies are changeable like my childhood hobbies were collecting coins, fishing with fishing rod, gardening and so on. With the time these hobbies are replaced by something unproductive things. But entertainment is also important to overcome the boredom in life.

My hobby is now watching short videos on YouTube and most of them are funny and also with messages. Some people are celebrity by heart and they make short videos online and become star for we YouTube viewers. I watch videos of those YouTube entertainers who shares entertaining videos to make money.

So my hobby is helping others making money but at the same it entertaining me. I like watching funny videos and also new release music videos and sometimes videos of old sitcoms available on YouTube. I like watching short videos more and lengthy sitcom videos I watch by taking several breaks. I can't be unproductive by spending time on my hobby that entertain me. I don't want to make it the reason of wasting time.

I also like playing computer 2D games in my leisure. This help me to overcome hangovers. I enjoy watching different kind of science fiction, horror, suspense, thriller series too. After being done for the day when I spend time for my hobby, it make me feel relaxed and that's why I include it in my daily routine. I take a daily dose of entertainment to feel good.

Today if I had a piece of land, I surely try something productive like gardening. I have a wish to have my own vegetable garden there I will grow organic veggies for me, beside that I wish to have flower plants that I like most. Like the past my current hobby is also changeable and I expect to have something productive as my hobby. For now having entertainment online and playing games are my hobby. I love to try new things or else I feel bore with the same things in life. Watching videos as hobby is not something productive but this is my current hobby to share with you friends.

Have fun people, Enjoy life!!!

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