My inspiration to write

Hello good people, today I decided to write on what drives me to write (my inspiration).

Let me begin by telling you about what I feel talents are.

Talents are divine gifts, they say.

But of what use would talents be when they're not worked on or carried out.

Talents are what one does naturally, almost effortlessly and It can be anything - anything at all.

On the other hand, there is skill.

In my own words, skill is the ability to make use of one’s talent with conscious efforts.

I define skill as the ability to carry out one’s known knowledge actively; usually because one has practiced it.

I strongly believe that skill can also be obtained without talent. This requires intentionality and an act of learning with(out) mastery.

This leads me to this story.

Ever since I could differentiate my left from my right, I found myself attracted to writing things down.

I loved listing my goal for the day, the list of my chores, drafting my studying timetable even including eating timetable, writing in my diary, putting down my random thoughts and I still do.

Even if I were to carry out chores, I love to list them down, allocate time for them and virtually practice them all on a piece of paper first before putting in the actual work.

I wrote dramas when I was a teenager, even though there were a lot of grammatical errors, I read them to my siblings, I also kept them gracefully and took them to my school to read to my friends , even my classmates back then passed the books among themselves to read and it became the hustle of the class every time I added a new chapter.

The first thing that crosses my mind whenever I’m less busy is to write.
I found out that I was becoming fond of writing and I accepted it as one of my talents.

This eventually became my number one inspiration.

I then began to learn writing strategies,this makes it two.

When I got my first phone, I searched places on the internet where I could just dump my stories for the records and eventually, I made use of the Facebook app.

Back then, I started a community where I posted stories without a defined plan and of course inconsistently but at least, people read my writings. This is my third inspiration to write.

Moving on, when I got to college, there was a friend of mine who was into writing as a job and I was in total awe when I learnt she monetized her writings.

I could remember that I complained bitterly about the situation of the country and how difficult it was to find a decent job even after bagging degrees.

That very day, she made me understand that there are job opportunities everywhere only if one could seek rightly, however it also depends on the skill that one has. I told her I was obsessed with writing stories and articles.

With this, she emphasized that I don’t even need my degree to become extremely comfortable.

Based on the explanations she gave me about writing, I realized “writing is gold”. Hive is a platform that strongly supports this point too and this marks my fourth inspiration.

I became intrigued and curious. I wanted to learn more, I wanted to know more and how to make my talent become a useful skill that will eventually make me extremely comfortable and above all, I wanted to be heard.

I wanted people to read the things I write.

My friend put me through basic writings. I learnt the various aspects of writing and their differences.

I became a writing student, and each time we talked about writing, she gave me assignments on various topics to improve my skill until she saw better changes and I continued learning from there on my own.

Finally, my talent, desire for my thoughts to be heard without speaking, my acquired skill, and money are my inspiration to writing here on hive via ecency.

Thank you for reading my writing inspiration.

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