What I dislike about Ecency/Hive

What I dislike about Ecency/Hive

I have only been on hive/ecency for eight (8) months, but I have had first-hand experience of hive being a source of income for hivers. This, to me, is good encouragement for participants.

On another note, I will be mentioning a few things I dislike about Hive in my few months of being here as a response to the prompt in which you can also participate.

UPVOTES/CURATION: Quality contents are being missed a lot of times on Hive. Some are due to the fact that the author has not been known by the admins or moderators, either as a result of bias toward the author or the inconsistency of contents in that community. When I started my journey on Hive, there were times I got less than 50 cents. This and many more like it really discouraged me, but thanks to my onboarder, @monica-ene who came through for me by always voting, reblogging, and boosting my posts. I believe newbies should be encouraged more with upvotes.

PROLONGED PAYOUT DAYS: Seven days before payout seems rather long and should be reduced to five (5) or six (6) days. Most upvotes are completed within three (3) days; however, some may lapse until the fifth day.

SELF-BOOST: I have been taught that ecency frowns against self-boost. I want to believe that boosting one’s post is an avenue to bring a work that had less visibility to the people that matter. Hive has checks on upvotes, and I believe encouragement should be given to posts to also have some significant upvotes.
By and large, I have enjoyed using hive/ecency and I will gladly recommend it to family and friends.

Thank you for reading. I would love to have your comments and contributions. 🤗

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