I love watching movies as my hobby 🤗


Having a life round the clock and barely having enough time to rest, my hobby lies in watching movies.

This is the only act that brings succor to my stressful moments and I long for it to relax my mind

The hobby has gradually become a habit for me such that even when i am exhausted, i do not mind putting up a movie to watch (most especially one i have not watched before).

Beyond entertainment that i get from watching movies, i take time to understand the ways and culture of people I watch on the screen.

Whenever i come across words i am not familiar with, i do write them down and check them up later.

My range of movies varies, with preference to horror movies. Hollywood, Nollywood, Bollywood and Korean movies are all welcome.

The lazy thing about me watching movies at times are that, I hardly finish a movie at a sitting. There is usually one thing or another that seeks my attention.

I still have movies i am yet to watch and i have my doubts if anything can replace my hobby. All I need to enjoy my movie is to have food and drinks close by and i am game.

I prefer to watch movies when alone (not a fan of going to the cinema though) and if it will be in the company of anybody, I would not appreciate too many conversations unless if necessary.

I have a few other hobbies like writing, traveling etc

This is an entry for writing contest on "My hobby" on ecency support with post link

Thank you for reading. I would love to have your comments and contributions 🤗

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