That's the superpower I want to have

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Everything in life is full of opportunities, joys, sorrows, and challenges or limitations.

Nothing is easy. To obtain a reward you have to make an effort and not only with the intention, but you have to study, work, make some sacrifices, and have the joy of not making mistakes. This is the only way to achieve what is desired.

Those who have the strength, the character, and the constancy are the ones who reach the desired goal and those who are lazy, without ambition, remain stagnant and therefore do not achieve their dreams.

David is a boy born into a family with few economic resources, but with a wealth of values and principles.

Despite the economic limitations, David's parents have worked hard to give him a good education and have managed to pay for good private schools, because the public or state schools leave much to be desired.

In gratitude, David has responded with an excellent student attitude and his grades have been admirable. But the family's economic situation disturbs him, and at times the idea of not continuing his studies and going to work to help his parents comes to his mind.

One long, busy day at school, David came home tired and hungry, but there was not a slice of bread in the house. His mother looked at him with sadness and helplessness and he, lowering his head with resignation, went to his room to try to sleep, begging for this terrible day to pass quickly.

As he lay in bed and looked at the sky through his window, he noticed a full moon emerging from dark clouds.

His desperation and hunger made him make a wish for the moon and that wish was the superpower to have a lot of wisdom to know how to face challenges and overcome them. Once the request was made, he fell asleep.

He felt them moving him, taking his right arm and swinging him from one side of the bed to the other. It was his mother asking him to wake up. It was morning and David's mother was calling him to eat a delicious and succulent breakfast.

The boy jumped out of bed with a smile that lit up brighter than the sun and ran towards the table.

–Eat, eat all you want, your father brought plenty of food. -These were the mother's words.

The boy while eating expressed the question of how so much food could be obtained.

His father replied that during his night shift, there was a failure in the most important machine of the company where he works, the production process was paralyzed, the engineers in charge could not find a solution and an important delivery for several customers was in danger.

The father continued the story and said that he had come up with a crazy idea, but that he was sure it would get the company out of trouble. He recalled that in his college days, he once found himself in such difficulty that he felt he would give it all up. But his father, David's grandfather, told him that patience was the greatest virtue that any human being could have, and with patience would come wisdom, bringing as a consequence the overcoming of any limitation, challenge, or difficulty.

At the moment when the company was going through the problem, David's father, turning away from all the distressed, sat down to think of a solution and asked the heavens for wisdom. This would happen at the very moment when David made the request to the moon for the superpower of wisdom.

In David's father's mind the solution emerged, he expressed it and managed to overcome the problem. What his father proposed was so extraordinary that it made him stand out, the management sent for his file and realized that they had an outstanding professional and had undervalued him.

David's father was congratulated by the entire management and in gratitude, he was immediately paid a large amount of money as a special bonus, he was promoted and as a consequence his income as well. When his shift was over, he went to the ATM at the company's facilities, withdrew cash, and ran to buy groceries for the house.

David realized that wisdom came from patience and knowledge. The best superpower that one could long for was that, with wisdom, one could overcome all obstacles and be happy.

Wisdom, that's the superpower I want to have.


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