A superpower I would like to have

A superpower I would like to have is flying, I love if I could fly, so I can get first hand information whenever I want, I have found that people who get first hand information can sell it at a higher value.

Because the secondary source of information is not your own, when you use it you have to give credit and some people get themselves into a bad situation by not giving credit to some of this secondary information that they used.

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As a man with superpowers that can easily fly, I would like to fly and render help to people in carrying their luggages, I will also be able to see many places at once and track terrorist hideouts, as I will always be in the air, I will feel like a hero.

I will use my powers to work with extractive companies and help in checking the area where natural resources are located, my flying would be natural so I would not use fuel, I will make life easier for people in any way I can.

I will also use my powers to make surprise visits to my friends, that is, when I want to give them a gifts, I will fly and leave the items on their doorstep and leave without them knowing it was me.

Doing this would make them excited and later on I will show myself to them, that I was the one who can to drop the gifts, I will continue to do it over and over again, lastly, i would try as much as possible to make some people who would wish to be like me able to fly in the air. Thanks.

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