A country I want to live in

The country I would like to live in is Singapore, the country is so beautiful, and I used to think how happy I would feel, if I am in any Singapore city as at this moment, the splendid bridges built in the country, the good roads, and the electronically beautiful buildings make me fall for Singapore so much.

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I once bought a newspaper from a man in my juncture and it featured many countries, but the pictures taken in a Singapore building captivated me.

Singapore has a lot of skyscrapers, I imagined life in such buildings, and I pray one day, i will have a good time in one of those skyscrapers.

I admire Singapore, it is my dream place where I would like to live, I also like other countries in the world, but if I had to choose the one I really want to live in right now, I would choose to live in Singapore.

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