[Writing Contest - Round 18] Winners Announcement

The 18th round of the writing contest is over and it is time to choose the winner. The topic was A country I want to live in.

It was really interesting to read each story and to learn why the author chose that or another country. Also, I believe those stories can be a good motivation to act. Especially, if you can't decide to move or to stay.

I was surprised by how many people want to move to Canada...

The contest participants:


A big thanks to @melinda010100 and @ecency for the support 💙


@quduus1 @lightpen @killerwot

Each winner gets 100 Ecency Points and 1 ENGAGE token and all other participants will get 20 Ecency points each.

It is always very hard to choose the winners... And participants who didn't follow all rules were excluded from the contest list. But they still get 20 Ecency points for participating.

ğŸŽ‡ Congratulations!!! ğŸŽ‡

Thank you very much for being a part of that contest and for your excellent work!

The new round of the writing contest will be announced soon. And we are waiting for your work!

50% of post rewards goes to the community account @hive-133311

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