What I dislike in Hive and Ecency dapp

I've been thinking for a while what I dislike about hive and the Ecency dapp and it's difficult to count a good number, but then if everything is perfect, it means there wouldn't be need for upgrades. I've been on the Blockchain for quite some years to know a few things on how it operates , inasmuch as I like most of their operations, there are certain things I hope the witnesses would consider on the Blockchain.


One aspect I dislike about hive is the period it takes to power down. 13 weeks is too long for someone who's in desperate need of money for an urgent issue. There might be a policy around it that keeps the platform stable but shortening the period for successful completion of power down might save a life someday.

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Blacklisting of newbies

A few things the hive Blockchain encourages is engagement and referral. Most times this referred users come with little or no knowledge on the dos and don't of the Blockchain and before they realize what's happening they're being blacklisted - which discourages a lot of newbies. Plagiarism is bad, however, I suggest a simpler means is used to communicate this to them on their first few posts so draw their attention to what the Blockchain frowns at.

Points on ecency and boosting

Ecency has been my favorite dapp since day one and I've noticed a significant upgrade on the app. However, the points generated during activities cannot be traded for hive and it's frustrating when one tries to boost using the points. I hope there'll be a market where people can trade their ecency for hive or HBD. I believe it will lessen the traffic during post boosting.

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