My Hobbies

There's a saying that goes "Work with no play makes Jack a dull boy". As much as working is important, it's also good that we have spare time to do other activities that either keep us happy or make us feel relaxed. In a day, I spare less than 2 hours to do the activities I enjoy, and about 14 hours blogging and surfing the internet. My hobbies have changed over time and currently I play mobile games whenever I'm free. I'm an introvert, as society would call those who enjoy their privacy, so I find mobile and internet gaming a fun place in my spare time.

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My love for gaming started when I was young. First, it was an offline snake game then a football game on a small Nokia phone. When internet phones were introduced, I started playing random internet games and it has been a part of me even when other hobbies gradually faded off. Playing games helps me relax and engage my brain to think broadly. Sometimes, I enjoy the challenges it presents. If I'm not working online or sleeping, then I'm playing games or taking a walk around my street.

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One other thing I do in my spare time is to take a walk, mostly in the evening when the sun is no longer heating. Taking a walk is what I mostly do when I need to relax from a stressful day or ponder over an issue that's bothering me and this I do in my spare time. It may not be a hobby per say but it's part of what I do in my free time.

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