My Dream

I've always wanted to be an engineer. This dream was shattered when my parents desired that I go into the medical field. I had this strong conviction that my intellect was for building machines and creating appliances that meet modern demands. I grew up loving tools. We made cars from maize stalks, created fans by connecting a few wires, batteries, and a turning engine. It was fun to do all this. I wanted to solve one problem with the world, but if the desire is there but no resources to fuel this process, these dreams are as good as a dead one.

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In the year 2012, I wanted to learn mechanical engineering in a mechanic workshop. To my parents it was a dirty job for a fair guy to do- a very silly excuse from them. Since I was too broke to pay for the years of my apprenticeship, I succumbed to their dream of being a medical personnel, a profession that didn't align with my dream of being an engineer. I may not become an engineer again, I've spent a good years of my life studying a course I never loved but then I still have this desire to become good technically if not mechanically, I want to be known for something unique in this modern world.

I know someday I'll build a tool that will answer human problems. I've started to learn programming and software development, I hope I learn enough to still bring my dream to it. I may have given up 10 years ago, but I'm picking it up now. I feel that's the achievement that will bring me joy.

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