A superpower I would like to have[writing Contest]

As a child i dreamt of becoming a hero, this was stirred from movies of humans with superpower. I know it's not possible because we're humans, however, I would have loved to have an ability to see the future. There's always a tendency to fear what we don't know. We dread the future because we don't know what lies ahead. If we're sure of the outcome , we will have a high level of confidence to take certain decisions or actions.

People have miserable past because they failed to see the outcome of the decisions they took. The world suffers today because they can't see the implications of their actions and policies. If we can foresee what lies ahead, then we can better prevent the disaster that awaits. To have this superpower of foresight, I'll have the privilege to choose among choices until I foresee one with better outcome.

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Ignorance is an enemy to everyone, we either pay dearly for it or suffer it stings for a lifetime. Having knowledge of one's future will break that pain attached to ignorance and help find answers that will either change the future or avoid the pitfall. All the world needs at a time like this is a man with a foresight of the future, walking blindly may only give room for failures and corrections unlike a man who rules with clear predictions of what the future holds and provides solutions to counter the negative outcomes.

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