A Superpower I Would Like to Have...

Everyone has the desire to have some superpower. I always wanted to have superpowers and that desire was much in my childhood. Even I believed in magic when I was a child.

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I am a big Spider-Man fan. (Iron Man is my favorite superhero.) From my childhood, I liked Spider-Man and his powers. I always wanted superpowers as Spider-Man does. Because he is super strong and his swinging is awesome. So I always wanted to have all power that Spider-Man has. In fact, I wanted to become Spider-Man and that desire was very high in my childhood. I want to climb on the wall like Spider-Man. I wanted to move faster and attack with web shooters. Of course, I wanted a cool suit. It should dark like Venom Spider-Man suit. This one is my favorite Spider-Man suit.

It is more interesting to live two lives at once. One as a superhero and another as a normal human. That's the best thing about Spider-Man which I wanted for my life, hah 😅.

Why do I want superpowers like Spider-Man?

Using these superpowers I would like to have fun and ultimately my main aim would be to help and protect people. I would like to stop crime by helping the police.

With the web shooter's power, I would like to swing and move faster. Also, web shooters can be used to attack and defend.

The power to climb on the wall can be helpful to reach locations where normal people can't

With powers, we get some responsibilities. It's important to how we use powers rather than what powers you have. We should use our powers to help people and not harm others. (of course, if we get power, it could be anything.)

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