What I Don't Like About Ecency

To me, Ecency is the best front-end here on Hive. Topping it all up is the availability of a mobile app which makes blogging and engaging a buttery smooth experience. Honestly, it is a app I have very little to complain about - it is fast, it is smooth, it is intuitive, it is responsive, it is just everything desirable from a frontend.

Sometimes I even wonder why a lot of persons still don't use Ecency as compared to other frontends, if I had my way, I would engage in massive marketing for the Ecency frontend.

Regardless of how much I love the app, the truth is that there is no perfect product, and one thing I love about the Ecency team is how hard they work constantly improving the product and making the experience better. It feels as if a fortune-500 organization is behind the product. Still, here are my few gripes about the app:


The option to purchase Ecency points using Hive token was removed, I really don't know the motivation behind this, but I didn't like it.

Where I am from - Nigeria - international purchase through app stores is a pain as our credit and debit cards are usually censored against international transactions. So, when that option was removed, it was a pain and it just made it difficult to obtain these points.

I think the @Ecency team can do something simple to help out by providing a rich-list of willing retailers who would accept P2P, or bringing back the option if it won't hurt their business.


The second thing is not gripe per say, just a wish. I wished Ecency treated its app user better with some sorts of autovotes/or better point rewards system. It would definitely encourage more engagements and more app retention, and with more user retention, trust me, there would be an endless monetization avenues.

Ecency already have an edge over other frontends, with it being the only I know that has a solid and functional mobile app. So, just configure the app to be more rewarding, and I would try as much as possible to onboard at least one user each week, and with more users, the Ecency team can figure out more monetization opportunities.

The team can set-up triggers and yardstick to a type/form of content that would receive some more rewards. Or instead of more rewards, adjust the points rewarding system to dish out more points on per engagement basis.

I think that's all I've to share. Thanks for the opportunity by @Ecency support & @Ecency-star

You are invited to share what you don't like about Ecency here: @ecency-star/writing-contest-what-i-dislike

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