My Inspiration - The Girl Is More

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As a girl in an African nation - Nigeria to be precise, I have had to deal with a lot of uninspiring experiences, comments and actions of others that are all targeted at delimiting how much I can do, and how far I can go.

While girls all around the world generally have had to deal with some form of discrimination and things of sort, it is even more severe in a patriarchal society like Nigeria where I am from, as the male child is seen as everything and the best thing.

With this background, I have been inspired for a long time to be something more, and to be someone better, to be the woman every man respects, and the woman the society wants, to be a force that changes the narrative of what a woman can be and extends the limit to how much a woman can do, to be a force for good and an inspiration for all.

All along:

I have always been inspired to be more.

My unwavering motivation to be and do more has pushed me to go beyond where other girls have been stereotyped to push to. I've done more, studied more, learned more, spoke more, and pushed more.

I have been continuously inspired to do more and to be more.

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