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I gave this idea a lot of thought. It's come up before and I've had various answers, though typically I tend to lean towards invisibility. This would enable me to listen in on conversations and gain understanding, and also to influence situations without my involvement being known. I still like this choice quite a bit, but today I was inspired to discuss a new super power; one that I don't think I've really seen discussed before.

For today's exercise (LINK TO CONTEST), I wanted to consider the super power of always being understood exactly as intended. I have to be clear here, because there is a pretty huge difference between having your true intentions understood, vs. having your words understood as they were intended. For example, if I'm in a tough conversation and I'm feeling impatient but really still wanting to be supportive, I want the person on the other end to understand my words as coming from a place of support, not from a place of impatience.


I could say something sarcastic but intend for the listener to understand my words literally. In general though, I would want to use this as a power for good. I think of how many situations could have been resolved if I were only able to speak clearly and concisely, and to be fully understood as intended. Too often, we humans will tend to put our own interpretation on what we hear or observe, and this interpretation is quite often inherently flawed. I think it would be a tremendous super power to know with confidence that your words will always be understood exactly as you intend them. Imagine how many hearts you could help, if you could offer words of kindness and healing and radiate the energy of pure intention to carry them across the boundaries of consciousnesses.

When I tell someone who is hurting that forgiveness is the only way to healing, that they might understand what is meant by forgiveness. That they might understand that I’m not trying to convince them to forgive just to shut them up and get it over with, nor to protect the offender. The intention becomes misunderstood and then it all gets twisted into something ugly and now, not only will this individual not begin healing, but they’ll likely also create more misery as they accuse me of so many things which were not my intention.

I know it seems underwhelming in its basic description, but seriously, I stand by it today. If I were given the opportunity to choose any super power, this would be it…I would just want to be understood for my true intentions, not based on a misinterpretation of my words. With this power I would bring much healing to our world.

Thanks for checking out some more of my work! As always, I hope you enjoyed witnessing as much as I enjoyed creating!

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