Contest: A Good Habit and Bad Habit (MINE)

Habits are in us. Sometimes I find it difficult to find the difference between behavior and habits. But one thing I use to show that difference is as behavior is how we behave and react to things. How habit is how we do things. What we are fond of doing but it isn’t something we are known for. It is my habit of going to school late but it is my behavior of doing my work diligently. That’s the difference.

Now for a good and bad habit, I don’t know what to say. I am a person who often doesn’t look at how bad I am. It is to me personally because that is how I grow. But for this contest, I will have to just look behind and share with you what my good and bad habit is. Habits being good or bad is relative I will say. Because it depends on who you are and your principles that define what you see to be a bad habit or a good one.

I will start with my ad habit. A good night’s sleep is good for our health. But I have the habit of not sleeping early. No matter how early I enter the room I will have to sleep late. And if you sleep late, you don’t expect to wake up early. This has been a habit I have been hoping one day to break away from. Like last night, I went in to sleep at 8:00 pm but I slept at 12:00 am. This made me wake up today at 8:00 am. I wish to have woken up earlier but it is what it is.

For my good habit, well I don’t even know which to choose. I will go for my habit which always beats procrastination. For many humans the most difficult thing they can ever beat is procrastination. I do have a habit of doing what I want to do whether or waiting. When I know I have a responsibility, I do it before I get asked about it. This is one of the good traits about me that I even adore myself.

This is my entry. I hope you found it interesting while reading. Thanks for passing y.

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