Splinterlands is Great!


Hey, I’m Zygrush. I am a wanderer, simple company employee by day, gamer by night. I’d like to share with you my journey into knowing one of the most fun games I’ve played in a while.

I’ve tried it all, pc gaming, console gaming, mobile gaming, party games, you name it. A lot of gamers today looks for 2 things when gaming: playability and community.

Playability is when someone considers how easy/hard a game is based on his/her tastes, some seek challenge or wants to speedrun games while some just wants to release stress after a long day. Also, how easy to pick up and put down a game when you only have 5mins of free time or binge when you have 2-day vacation all to yourself to play that new Resident Evil game. For me, I wanted a game to make me think and at the same time ease up after a day’s work.

Okay, but what’s a community? Well, community is more common but not limited to online games. Before the pandemic, saw those guys playing MTG clumped up somewhere? Or your WoW guild? Those are communities, and this is what I found to be the best part of Splinterlands https://discord.gg/mNSyASgP

Okay, now that I’ve talked about myself and gaming, Let me talk to you about Splinterlands. I love card games. I love strategy games. And I love cosmetics. Splinterlands have all these!

Splinterlands is a very easy game. You just click units, fill the slots/cost alloted and you win. . . Right? Well, it’s not just that. You see why there are cards that cost thousands of USDs? Its because they do a lot more than just fill up your slots to attack. You can craft, create, or even copy millions of card combinations to pull off great synergies (looking at you, Silvershield Paladin + Divine Healer. Annoying to fight against but very solid combination).

I’ve been playing less than 48 hours and I can say that this is the game for me. I’ve reached silver III so far with the help of my friend @failingforward. The power curve could be a little steep for newcomers but I think that’s a great system to keep people in check and improve while we’re still in a pool of low ranked players. Thanks for reading you guys and have fun. See you in game :) looking for a guild too if anyone takes newbies like me, it would mean a lot. Thank you. Stay sage!

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