Protect them, Defender of Truth | SYB Challenge


Image: mohamed_hassan | Pixabay BeFunky

New week means new challenge to share a battle using the featured monster. Defender of Truth takes the spotLIGHT. He is a Light monster with 4 mana, has magic damage, and Protect ability at Level 4.






Rule - Silenced Summoners
Mana Cap - 34
Available Splinters - Water, Life, and Death




I do not have a summoner that do not have ability, so I chose Tyrus Paladium as my summoner to use the cards at higher level.


Kralus is in the first position and will serve as my tank, because of armor and health. It also has Immunity, Flying and Tank Heal abilities, which are fit for a tank.


For the second position, I put Silvershield Assassin. Her Double Strike, Sneak, and Poison abilities can be a threat against the last monster of the enemy team.


Defender of Truth will protect my monsters from melee and range attack by providing them with 2 armor.


Even though Kralus already have Tank Heal, I still chose Venari Crystalsmith to deal 2 range attack and provide additional health to Kralus, so that Kralus will be unstoppable.


Second to the last position from the backline is good for Feral Spirit, because it has 7 speed. There is a chance that the attack of those monsters with Sneak abilities will miss.


Creeping Ooze is the last but not the least monster to complete my team. Despite the fact that there is no armor from Tyrus Paladium, Defender of Truth is there to protect my monsters. The Slow ability of Creeping Ooze is its bread and butter, that's why I chose it and placed in the last position.


Double Heal plus Armor is my Strategy for this battle. Kralus will not be affected of debuff and will be healed by Venari Crystalsmith. That will make Kralus impenetrable, because it also has heal of its own and melee and range attack has a chance of missing. Defender of Truth protected my monsters by giving 2 armor against melee and range attack.

šŸ‘ or Not?
I am using Life Deck to grind in Gold League and I really like Defender of Truth. A 4 mana card with 3 magic damage at Level 5 and Protect ability is so useful in every battle as long as the rule permits it. Its weakness is Magic reflect, so look at the battle history of the enemy, if he or she uses that ability to counter Defender of Truth or any magic monsters.

Once again, thank you for your time and I hope you will have nice cards after end season. See you in the battlefield after League rank down. Till next time šŸ‘‹šŸ‘‹šŸ‘‹

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