Bringing today my newest participation in the Sharing Your Battle event, the card chosen this time was the Chaos Knight, an incredible white commun card, it belongs to the Chaos Legion set, I really like this color and the new summoner, it was not difficult to find a victory using this card.



Chaos Knight is a White Community Card, very used as a tank because it has good defensive attributes, its intermediate cost is very interesting in some matches and can be a good option to complete teams, it has the Shield skill from lvl 1, lvl 6 acquires the Giant Killer skill and lvl 9 acquires the Inspire skill. Today she costs $0.07 in her normal version and $1.32 in her Gold version.

My Team



A battle with little mana always has surprises, but I decided to keep the standard play and build a solid team, I know that in a battle with little mana the cards tend to have little life, so I focused on putting two cards in the rear to hunt the opponent's weaker cards, while the Chaos Knight held the front line.

MOTHER KHALA - My summoner, as it was a low mana battle, I thought she would be a better option than General Sloan

CHAOS KNIGHT - The star of the team, very strong front line for its mana cost, I had no doubt where to put this amazing card.

CELESTIAL HARPY - Cheap unit with opportunity, excellent for hunting the opponent's weak cards.

STITCH LEECH - a simple card with good damage and sneak ability, as it was a low mana battle, I thought the opponent's backline would be very fragile.

The Battle


Round 1 - Looking at the two line ups, I see that it would be a very balanced match, Mustang has a lot of life and hits very hard, a good sign was that the opponent's backline was unprotected, during this round I managed to resist Mustang's onslaught and defeat an opponent's card.


Round 2 - The round starts with my harpy taking down the princess, at this point I realized that my strategy of focusing on attacking the backline was working, my Chaos Knight is still alive 😁


Round 3 - Incredibly my Chaos Knight survived another round, so I was able to apply some more hits with my cards, she stayed alive thanks to the summoner's bonus.


Round 4 - And finally the victory came, Chaos Knight didn't survive until the end of the round, but Harpy and Plant landed their blows and knocked Mustang out.


It was a very balanced match, I thought I couldn't get past Mustang, but my strategy of attacking the backline worked, the summoner's bonus also helped and was decisive for Chaos Knight to endure another live turn, Chaos Knight shows every day that she came to become one of the main tanks of the game, she can really take enough damage.

Thanks again for the opportunity to be here posting and participating in these events like Share Your Battle.

Have a nice day!😁

Game Link: Splinterlands

Battle Link: Zallin Vs. Yuan00043

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