Wall of Magic Spells - Battle Mage Secret - Close Range


How are you spending this beautiful weekend, impressive Splinter fighter?

The arena rulesets are simple this week. Close range will benefit all the range warriors leveled up in your collection. I put so many resources into the build of experience of many archers that I am feeling excited about this event.

The opponent construction of defensive measures will certainly destabilize your process of running battle plan.

Enjoy this match as the gate opens

Battle Ruleset:

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Close Range: Ranged attacks may be used in the first position in battles

Tis but Scratches: All Monsters have the Cripple ability

Briar Patch: All Monsters have the Thorns ability

Mana Cap



Magic fighters and Range warriors are ready to make their appearance in the arena. Do you plan to bring your shield too?
Rumor has it that arrows are going off in all direction, exposing the view in the stands.

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  • Winner Team

Alric StormbringerThe Kraken
Prismatic EnergyNerissa Tridawn
Ruler of the SeasTortisian Chief
Djinn Oshannus

This lineup was a smart move on the strategic level. You will not imagine the surprise on the opposition face when you have so much firepower of the magical type coming from the opposite side of the board.


The tanker from the water lineup did a terrific job protecting his team from the first round through the last round.


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  • Team Surviving the heat


Possibilus the WiseDjinn Oshannus
Nerissa TridawnRiver Hellondale
Venari WavesmithAxemaster
Runemancer Kye

The magic attacks never stopped until the entire team left the battlefield. The trick was to believe that the range warriors were surely be on the lineup, since "Close range" give the chance to strike from the first position.

  • Battle Plan

Alric team was on the battlefield to crucify all standing warriors that have no protection against magic damage. It was the perfect plan in this situation where everyone is expecting range fighters on the battlefield.

Magic offensive team led by a strong tanker in the front, Kraken did the job to secure the victory.

  • What happens in the arena?

Warrior with double strike on the opposition team had not enough damaged inflicted to the other side to bring down the enemy's defense.

After Oshannus was removed, there was no more obstacle on the way to the victory of the blue team.

Warm regards

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