Battle Mage Secret - Neither Weak Nor Strong - Equalizer

Happy Start of the month of March,

There are so many changes that will come to the universe of Splinterlands.

I am preparing all the elements I will need to enjoy this smooth transition.

This week, equalizer ruleset is highlighting all warriors with good combat statistics but poor life points.

There will be neither weak fighters nor limited warriors on the board during the battle mage secret challenge.

Battle Ruleset:

Equalizer: The initial Health of all Monsters is equal to that of the Monster on either team with the highest base Health.

Born Again: All Monsters have the Rebirth ability.

mana-cap-value: 22


Warriors find the way to survive the earthquake keep their life point longer than the ones who did not adapt to the consequence of this natural phenomenon.
I know many fighters who will rush to rent fly equipped monster from the rental market. I think that most of the old school fighters in Pretoria had stored powerful capable to fly monster for this special day.

  • Winner Team

pembrook_nymphTorrent Fiend
Venari Marksrat
Isgald VorstNoa the Just
Pirate ArcherCreeping Ooze

Pembrook_nymph was the summoner to call in this situation where the mage need a special offensive warrior trained to deploy Bloodlust on the battlefield.




  • Team Surviving the heat


General Sloan)Gargoya Scrapper
Spirit Hoarder
Time MageVenari Crystalsmith
Pelacor ArbalestSoul Fiend

General Sloan team had the merit to offer a double strike attack with the additional boost from the summoner to the archers. Arbalest was on the spot in the first two rounds.

  • Battle Plan

Pembrook facilitates the selection of a Gladiator in the lineup for the battle. I knew that the equalizer advantage will be counter when a serious offensive operation is in action each round. Vorst warrior played perfectly his role. His combat's statistic kept growing not only after martyr ability was active, but also each time Isgald eliminated the cards in the front row.

  • What happens in the arena?

Archer warriors were powerful and rapidly eliminated the wrong cards on the other side of the board. When Vorst came in position to strike, his skills were boosted and the damage inflicted to the opponent impossible to recover from such attacks.

Warm regards

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