So much struggle for this? Really? Seriously? (2022.01.15)


Three hours ago I wrote that I reached the Silver III League almost in the last hour of the current season (2022.01.15). I really cannot find the words right now. They are out of this world. Not because of huge happiness, but because of huge disappointment. This is like a huge slap in the face from this game. An ultimate demotivation.

I would not even call these "rewards". This is literally a slap in the face, compared to how much time and effort I put into this game.

A Pelacor Deceiver, 4 Dark Energy Crystals (DEC), 1 Alchemy Potion Charge, 1 Legendary Potion Charge, a Venari Heathsmith, a Pelacor Conjurer, 10 Dark Energy Crystals (DEC), another Pelacor Deceiver, a Pelacor Bandit, 1 Legendary Potion Charge, a Pelacor Mercenary, and another Venari Heathsmith.

Seeing the dozens of hours of struggle, do you really think that these are really rewards?

A bunch of almost worthless cards, and a few potions, which are literally worthless. Really? Seriously?




The value of my Splinterlands card collection decreased even more. So actually I have not earned anything this time. And these cards are not really helping me in-game either. So these are crap, not rewards. Bravo Splinterlands. Well done on demotivating the players.

This game is used to be fun, but nowadays I am becoming more and more disappointed in it.


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